Bitwala - Case Study

From seed funding to Series B

Hey there, my name’s Jeremy. Before founding SlowLettuce, I was Head of Design for Bitwala. I’d like to share a snapshot of this extraordinary journey, that I was fortunate enough to partake in.


Seed funding

I joined three founders and a couple of freelancers



We started our own Fintech coworking space and embedded ourselves in the Bitcoin community



Disgarded the MVP and rebuilt a blockchain bank from the ground up


Series A

13M funding round. Biggest Ever Equity Funding for a German Blockchain Startup


Series B

80+ staff, 70,000+ users

Bitwala in 2020

Bitcoin purchased!

Earn interest on your Bitcoin

Cash out anytime you wish

The contributions Jeremy made to Bitwala from Seed-Funding to Series-B played a pivotal role in our success. We can’t wait to see what SlowLettuce achieves, and wish him all the best.

Ben Jones | Bitwala CEO

Design sprint


265 Unique views          |          Web, iOS, Android          |          70,000+ Users

User experience

  • Designed all major user flows
  • Styled the UI
  • Ran user testing sessions

Design system

  • Dozens of styles guides
  • Component libraries
  • Close connection to developers


  • Working strategy group
  • Contributed to strategic dicscussions