A step-by-step guide to product success

7 principles to create digital products that grow like wildfire

Who is this for?

Anyone creating a digital product in a B2C or B2B market

  • I’m stuck. I need a framework that can guide me from zero to a commercially viable digital product.

  • I want an overview of how business strategy and product design principles actually click together

  • I just wanna check what I already have, to test my current assumptions

What’s inside?

7 stackable principles that take you from defining your general audience to the feature set of your killer product

Why is this framework special?

  • It seamlessly connects the business and product worlds
  • It combines the best concepts from industry leaders
  • It maximises for immediate AND long-term growth
  • It’ll save you tons of resources during design development
  • You’ll move much faster through the discovery phase
  • You’ll maximise your chances of success

Who wrote it?

Jeremy's portrait

Hey, I’m Jeremy,

I scaled a blockchain startup from seed to series B

Now I run a design studio that’s helped dozens of early-stage startups.

I’ve seen what works and I’ve seen what doesn’t.

This framework is a combination of ideas from industry leaders from around the world and my own first-hand experience. It’s what I consider to be best practices.

May it help you on your journey!

If you have any questions, hit me up on LinkedIn.

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A step-by-step guide to product success

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