January 25th, 2022

The product design agency for early-stage startups

Gaining early traction and landing that first funding round can be an ecstatic feeling. The crucial steps that follow, however, are often a little scary. Strangely enough, in this interconnected world in which we now live, it’s not restrictions or the scarcity of options that we labour against. Over-abundance and saturation are the challenges of our times.

For the entrepreneur in their pursuit of product-market fit, all this choice can be disorienting—and at times outright overwhelming.

What’s the best way to navigate through the noise?

Lessons learned

Running a startup, in many ways, is like any creative project. Often enough it’s the things we don’t do that will dictate whether we succeed or not. Avoiding dead-ends and sunk costs is at least as important as the speed you’re moving at.

I was fortunate enough to operate as the Head of Design for Bitwala, from Seed funding through to Series-B. During this extraordinary four year experience, we learned how to navigate many of the common pitfalls of startup life—and survive with the scars from a few of our own learnings.

While “viable” is a great place to start (I’m looking at you MVP), user retention and sustained growth come from creating delightful experiences that users will fall in love with and boast to their friends about.

Laying the right foundations—that deliver an excellent user experience, and are both versatile and scalable—can be the difference between success and failure. Or better still, can sit you well ahead of your competitors.

Our pitch

It just so happens that’s what SlowLettuce specialises in.

We’re a small team of product design experts, that specialise in solving the unique challenges that early-stage startups face. We have a solid grasp of both brand and strategy, and of course know exactly what it takes to create delightful digital experiences.

Leverage our experience, and avoid the mistakes that those before you have made. With the right foundations, scaling is a breeze.

Jeremy Lefèbre

Jeremy Lefèbre

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