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A sneak-peek into what a collaboration with us will look like

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Signed contract

And so it begins!

signed contract between SlowLettuce and the client

Sync up!

Tight feedback loops make for fast progress

Real-time conversation with the SlowLettuce team

Audit & orientation

Where are you at? Send us everything you’ve got!

Logos of applications we love working with (Notions, Google Drive, Youtube, etc.)

Drop your files here!


Where are we heading?

Binoculars pointing to the top of the mountain

Every client’s destination is unique. We make sure to clearly define this together before even touching the tools.


A plan of attack to bring the vision to life

Way up to the top of the mountain

The most beautiful interface in the world won’t fix a broken strategy. Every skyscraper requires deep foundations.

Close collaboration

We propose solutions—you review and critique them

Desktop applications linked together

Design development

High speed evolution

Three aligned application designs

Wireframing is a great way to explore complex user flows quickly and at low cost.

HiFi interfaces

Pixel perfect user interfaces

Three contrasted application designs

Build docs

No ivory towers!

Graphic and business specifications of an interface

We work closely with in-house engineers to create within constraints.


Notion page with quicklinks to all our project work and our thinking

Notions Page summarizing the project

What our clients are saying

  • The SlowLettuce team’s knowledge of Process and Strategy was invaluable in helping us navigate the early stages of product development. We’re really happy with the resulting UX, and so are our Beta testers!

    Severin Deutschmann

    CEO | Open Telos

  • SlowLettuce were instrumental in helping us get from concept to tangible product. Their design work is incredible, but it is their process, organisation and knack for making complexity feel simple that makes for such an enjoyable and trusted partnership.

    Katrie Lowe

    CEO | Domi

  • The SlowLettuce team is a trustworthy & reliable partner in the early stages of product development. They supported us in all the key areas and helped us accentuate our competitive advantage throughout our user experience.

    Christian Borgmeyer

    CPO | StealthMode

  • The contributions Jeremy made to Bitwala from Seed Funding to Series-B played a pivotal role in our success. We can’t wait to see what SlowLettuce achieves, and wish him all the best.

    Ben Jones

    CEO | Bitwala

  • We were in urgent need of UI/UX experts with profound technical knowledge. Slow Lettuce was the perfect partner. Result: great looking product and happy users. Not needed to say that handoffs were the most reliable I’ve ever seen.

    Marc Bohn

    CTO | DayPepper

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