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Wonderpath helps users gather feedback on their professional performance, and create action items that align with their larger career goals.


The team already had an early-stage prototype and were looking to expand functionality after user testing. Together we stress-tested foundations, then created a new product core to iterate from.

We were looking for an experienced UX/UI team to complement us and craft a wonderful user experience. With continuous validation, we moved forward with confidence and started receiving great user feedback. Working with SlowLettuce was the best decision we made in the early pivotal stages of our company.

Dafni | Wonderpath CEO

Project Process


Strategy is the first major phase of the project. This is where we review current foundations, assumptions, and make sure all the fundamentals are aligned.

User Flows

User flows are a great way to move us into a user-centric mindset. We’re now starting to explore how the various business solutions can best be presented to the user.


Wireframing allows us to explore various user interface solutions at low cost. The first pieces of the final product are beginning to form.


The final result is of course at high resolution. Here styles like type and colour are added to brand the interface, and most importantly intensify understanding.

Design Styleguide

The final step is to make sure the engineers have a clear breakdown of the interface building blocks. We share information in the form of a style guide, or lean design system.

As early-stage founders, it's a huge advantage to have a design team that quickly builds a deep understanding of the product and can seriously help to design and deliver the best UI/UX. I highly recommend the SlowLettuce team to anyone who has a vision they want to see come to life.

Tanya | Wonderpath CPO

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