UX Design

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

Same goes for your digital product. UX is the intersection between supply and demand. The pivotal moment between adoption, or that dreaded cold shoulder.

User Experience Design with SlowLettuce.

The best experiences communicate immediately. They flow naturally. They surprise us. They delight us. UX design is all about connection. How to connect the product with the user in an exceptional way.

Balance between product and user

UX essentials

App architecture
The structure of the product matters. We want something that is both scalable and makes sense to our users.
An intuitive experience is created with clear navigation. Users should be able to move throughout the product effortlessly.
Magical UX won’t emerge naturally. We’ll carefully create this by pulling everything together into a simple powerful focal point.

“The best digital experiences are not overly ornate and complex. Excellence is not achieved by adding extra stuff, but by stripping clutter away and emphasising what really matters.”

Jeremy Lefèbre

Founder | SlowLettuce


How we ensure the best UX possible

Personas & scenarios

The process begins by defining who your users are and what they are wanting to achieve. To bring this to life we’ll create both a user persona and scenario. This technique allows multiple stakeholders to quickly get in sync while discussing abstract concepts, it also forms the skeleton for the product we’ll continually flesh out.


User journey

With our base scenario formed, we now take the persona through a user journey. Here we explore the user’s goals, frustrations, and various ways the product can help them. It is an excellent methodology to increase empathy and enforce a user-centric mindset.


Low-resolution wireframes

Low-resolution wireframes lay the logical basis of a digital product and allow us to catch and resolve structural issues quickly and easily. This is our first step into actual interface design. Multiple user journeys should click together seamlessly. This is the beginning of app architecture and navigation which are the practical foundations for an intuitive experience.


High-resolution wireframes

With the user flows and app architecture settled, we can now zoom in. Time to optimize each view regarding hierarchy of information, clarity of actions, and inter-view consistency. At the end of this stage, we’ll have a structurally sound product.



Connecting all these views and user flows into an interactive click dummy is a great way to get a feel for the final product experience before the build begins. This extra dimension often reveals areas that can be optimised.


User testing

Getting an external opinion on our product before the build begins is a great way to de-risk launching. From catching little UX knots to receiving general feedback on the entire product, testing with click dummies is a science in its own right. It’s a great way to finish with confidence and clarity.

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