Design Philosophy

The best products feel magical

They have an elusive x-factor which can be difficult to define but can absolutely be felt. Cultivating this effect is what we specialise in. We help early-stage tech startups create digital experiences that feel magical. This delights their users, differentiates them from their competitors, and drives growth.

How do we define ‘magical’?

As designers, it’s our job to distill these abstract concepts into the pragmatic domain of the business world. Below are three essential components to make sure your product will wow your users.

Interacting with the product should come naturally right from the start. Like reconnecting with something distantly familiar
UX is measured on a spectrum from frustration to delight. Delight means to surpass a user’s expectations in a pleasant, unexpected way.
On a functional level, the product needs to cover the essentials exceptionally well. As obvious as this sounds, it’s often overlooked.

How do we achieve this?

A common misconception—because design is all about the details—is to think that the magic can be applied at the end as a finishing touch. In fact, the opposite is true. Great design starts with deep foundations. We believe the best foundations stand on these three pillars.

Balance between product and user

Product strategy

The best digital experiences are not overly ornate and complex. They are direct and powerful. To achieve this level of clarity, our first objective is to consolidate your product vision down to its essence. We then echo that essence throughout the entire product.

Investing in the clarity of the product vision right from the start will align the rest of the creative process. Designers can transpose this simplicity to the users (intuitive) and create bold emphasis with confidence (delightful).

Just like in traditional architecture, the quality of the foundations laid will cap the potential of the entire development. We believe this stage is so significant it’s actually why SlowLettuce targets early-stage startups. Get this right and everything downstream will come together smoothly.

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User experience design

With a clear understanding of what we’re looking to achieve, the creative team can start to breathe life into the vision. Right from the start, we’ll bake your competitive advantage into the very core of your product’s user experience. We want your unique offer to resonate as quickly and deeply as possible with your users. The rest of the feature sets will support and enhance this central core.

It is critical that the total experience exceeds the sum of its parts. If it doesn’t, even a useful product can feel vapid and uninteresting.

If we consider the basic structure of an app to be like a wagon wheel, each feature would be a spoke. In this case, our ambition is to position something uniquely engaging (delightful) right in the hub. This is where we win our users over. It should not be expected to emerge naturally either. We’ll work hard to create this emphasis, and with it, wow your users. Pulling all of this together into a cohesive intuitive experience is of course the challenge. This is what we specialise in.

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Brand identity design

Brand can be a tricky subject for early-stage startups because everything is still in flux. For this reason, at this stage, we actually believe product should lead in this area.

Fundamentally, brand identity consists of two parts: internal and external. The internal component refers to the product vision. Who are you? How do you want to present yourself? The external component considers the market. Who are your competitors? How can we differentiate you from them?

With a clear idea of who you are, and who you’re not, we can then make sure our aesthetic styles follow suit. In this way, we can cultivate a look and feel that both represent what the product is all about, and simultaneously shows how unique it is.

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