Part 2: Deconstructed

The Bitwala Portfolio

Take control of your financial life

Bitwala is the control centre for your finances. The portfolio, is where your money grows

One dynamic view easily adapting to the task at hand

All your wallet actions, just a swipe away

Receive Bitcoin
Buy Bitcoin
Send Bitcoin

View portfolio performance at a glance

Create new wallets with ease

Earn interest on your Bitcoin
Cash out any time you wish

Engaging iconography

The plant icon serves two main purposes. It represents the portfolio itself, and provides an emotional focal point to convey performance at a glance. User research found users typically check their balance multiple times per day. We want this experience to be as pleasant as possible without descending to gamification.

During user testing, many testers clicked on the plant. This gave us the idea to provide an ‘easter egg’ surprise for the more curious users. A quote of the day provides inspiration from financial experts. Updating, as the name suggests, on a daily basis.

A modular interface

One of the core project objectives was to ensure the design was future proof. Bitwala has many more financial opportunities for users on its roadmap, and this modular interface will be able to incorporate them elegantly.

Sophisticated filtering

To keep the ever growing list of portfolio items easily manageable, the interface uses global filters. These filtering options allow users to dynamically segment their portfolio, both in terms time and composition.

The Bitwala portfolio, where your money grows

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