Part 1: Bitwala Portfolio

Design thinking


This case study describes the addition of a financial portfolio within the Bitwala product. The feature served as the centerpiece for a strategic pivot, and was created using Design Thinking best practices

Jeremy led this project as Head of Design for Bitwala, before founding SlowLettuce


Understanding the problem

Project Objectives

Why are we doing this?


The portfolio view would serve as the centrepiece for a new strategic pivot.

Future Proof

The previous UI had reached its limits. A new modular, scalable system was required.

✓ Objectives set
Concept Validation

Is this something people want?

User Surveys

A series of strategic surveys were sent to 1000’s of users across different cohorts. In addition, Bitwala leadership personally emailed a cluster of ‘super users’, requesting feedback.


  • Quantitative data sets
  • Identified averages, norms & recurring user patterns

User Interviews

Carefully selected ‘super users’ were invited into the office for in-person deep-dive interviews. Questions were focused on general feedback and understanding the user's financial aspirations.


  • Qualitative data sets
  • User insights & unexpected discoveries
✓ Validated demand, documented insights

Has this problem been solved before?

Competitor Analysis

How were other Fintechs solving these high-level problems? How were other companies from any industry solving these fine-grain UX challenges?


  • Inspiration for various solutions
  • Identified opportunities for brand differentiation


The Blockchain and DeFi spaces can be especially complex at times. Emersive first-hand experience with competitor products and fringe technologies gives us a deeper understanding of our user’s needs, both present and future.


  • First hand experience
  • Increased empathy
✓ Surveyed the environment

What would matter here?

Our Vision

What did we think could help users achieve their financial aspirations. Especially solutions they couldn’t even envision themselves yet.

Target audience

Our new vision would incorporate a slightly different target audience. What would this new audience have in common with their predecessors? Which areas would be different?

✓ Defined hypotheses
Combining the pieces

Pulling it all together

✓ A precise, holistic understanding of the problem to be solved

Solving the problem

Concept Generation

Casting a wide net

✓ Visual mockups for stakeholders to critique options easily
Design Development

Raising mockup fidelity

Portfolio Graph

One of the primary insights we derived from our testing is that many of our users view crypto as an asset rather than a currency, and consequently view purchasing as ‘investing’. Providing the user with a strong immediate feedback on the performance of the portfolio is of top prioroty, consequently the graph enjoys prime real estate.

✓ An information hierarchy and visual style has emerged

Portfolio wallets & actions

The portfolio view needs to convey a huge amount of information and action options to the user. A large risk here is cognitive overload. We’ve aimed to show only the essentials, and have secondary options (like wallet actions) hidden at first glance

Rapid Prototyping

Interactive prototype 1.0

✓ We have a testable artifact stakeholders can interact with
User Testing

Validation feedback loop

✓ After dozens of iterations, we have a user validated solution to our problem
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