We’re SlowLettuce

Berlin’s UX Design agency for early-stage tech startups


What does the name mean?

SlowLettuce is a little bit like Popeye’s spinach… but instead of for sailors—it’s for entrepreneurs.

Where did the name come from?

Some time ago, a few curious humans taught a bonobo (a type of chimpanzee) over 400 words through a touchpad interface. He understood past and present tense and would even invite selected guests to play ball with him. One day he tried kale, and named it “slow lettuce.” It looked like lettuce, but took longer to chew...

There’s a brave new world coming. Coming fast. Tech has the power to traverse worlds, and evolve us in ways we never imagined. We believe this extraordinary opportunity, also comes with significant responsibility. We cherish the old, and embrace the new.

Our mission

To amplify and empower the innovators and game-changers of our times.

Who are we?

We’re a small team of young(ish) battle-hardened creatives, anchored in Berlin with a global outlook. We think Design Thinking is just getting started, and we get all giddy when we’re near exciting innovation. Bring back the roaring 20’s we say!


While we’re not currently looking for full time employees at this moment, we love to collaborate with talented creatives! Check out our careers page for more details.

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Helping early-stage startups find product-market fit