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We’re slowlettuce.

The product design agency dedicated to early-stage startup success.

We know what is required.

Fast pace. High quality.

We’ve done it ourselves.

Now we’re helping others through this wonderful journey.

We’ve seen what works.

We’ve seen what doesn’t.

We’ve bundled everything we know into our dynamic creative process.

Cut the right corners.

Avoid the pitfalls.

Let’s create something incredible together!

Experienced Team

We’re a small taskforce of young-ish digital creatives, passionate about this new and evolving medium. We’re based in Berlin, though one of us is typically on the road travelling.



8+ years experience in the Berlin startup scene. Product expert & entrepreneur


UX Designer

Product design specialist, creates smooth intuitive experiences


UI Designer

Crafts beautiful interfaces and slick engineering handoffs


Marketing Manager

Content creator and brand strategist. Helps us tell the world what we do



Builds and maintains our homesite

What is ‘slowlettuce’ exactly?

The superfood for startups.

Grow fast. Grow clean!

Where did the name come from?

Some time ago, a few curious humans taught a chimpanzee over 400 words through a touchpad interface. He understood past and present tense and could enjoy simple conversations with guests. One day he tried kale, and named it “slow lettuce.” It looked like lettuce, but took him longer to chew...

There’s a brave new world coming. Coming fast. Tech has the power to traverse worlds, and evolve us in ways we never imagined. If used responsibly, it just might solve a lot of the problems we face together in these crazy times.

We’re here to help.

Our mission

To amplify and empower the innovators and game-changers of our times.


While we’re not currently looking for full time employees at this moment, we love to collaborate with talented creatives! Check out our careers page for more details.

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